The Book is Here!

The MIPIK book features 25 local stories which celebrate the skill, tenacity, courage and bloody good yarns of our Coffs Coast community.  All profits from the sale of this book go to CanDo Cancer Trust which provides assistance to local cancer sufferers and their families.  Local stories helping local people!


Local Stories helping Local People

Life can dish up unexpected challenges and sometimes we need a bit of help to meet those challenges.  The CanDo Cancer Trust provides financial support to patients and families attending the North Coast Cancer Institute.  It's a way for our community to lend a helping hand to friends and neighbours facing tough times.

We are delighted that our local stories will be helping local people.  You can lend your support by buying a book or attending the live show.

Join the Fun

Brent Rees

The editor of The Coffs Coast Advocate has a journalist’s restless soul

Brent Rees strides energetically down the stairs to the Advocate reception.  “Good timing”, he says, “I really need a coffee.”  On the way to his shot of caffeine, Brent explains that it’s been a stressful morning.  He had to attend the first ever Meet-the-Editor event for the Coff’s Advocate newspaper which he has been editing for the last 18 months.  People in Coffs are forensically across what the Advocate prints, he explains, and he’s always nervous that a public outing will be rife with complaint.  As it turns out the event went off without a hitch, but he’d clearly felt the stress.

Journalism is a pressure cooker, and Brent says the pressures exist wherever you are - Sydney, Paris,  Northern Ireland or Coffs Harbour.  “They’re just very different pressures in Coffs.”  That suits Brent just fine, because he has the soul of a journalist: restless, curious and seeking new challenges.  Pressure is second nature to him.

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Denise Knight

Deputy Mayor a driving force for the community

 Denise Knight clicks along the footpath of Sawtell’s First Avenue in her high heeled shoes and business suit.  She smiles and nods recognition to shop keepers, stops to chat with passers by and looks every bit what she is – a neighbourhood fixture, a politician and a driving force.

Finally Denise makes it to the Split Café, apologises for being late: she had to open an aboriginal school festival and it went longer than expected, but here she is.  “I don’t know what to say,” she sighs.  “I’m not really very interesting.”  She then proceeds to prove herself wrong.

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Michael Close

The General Manager of the ETC is a country boy with a passion for helping others    

Michael Close is a country boy at heart.  Born and raised on the Breeza Plain, near Gunnedah in western NSW, he’s taken on the big cities and settled in Coffs, but his heart lies back on the land.  “There’s just a different feeling when you’re at home.  There’s a settling inside you and a comfort comes over you.  I walk into the Bowling Club and a few of the old bowlers are sitting there and we’re all comfortable in silence.  We say a few words every 10 minutes and watch the cricket.”

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