The Book is Here!

The MIPIK book features 25 local stories which celebrate the skill, tenacity, courage and bloody good yarns of our Coffs Coast community.  All profits from the sale of this book go to CanDo Cancer Trust which provides assistance to local cancer sufferers and their families.  Local stories helping local people!


Local Stories helping Local People

Life can dish up unexpected challenges and sometimes we need a bit of help to meet those challenges.  The CanDo Cancer Trust provides financial support to patients and families attending the North Coast Cancer Institute.  It's a way for our community to lend a helping hand to friends and neighbours facing tough times.

We are delighted that our local stories will be helping local people.  You can lend your support by buying a book or attending the live show.

Why We Do It...

MIPIK reflects my two passions:  writing and people.  I initially started this site as a way to practice writing, but I have since become hopelessly addicted to the process.  Discovering people and their stories is a remarkable experience.  That people would so generously share their journeys fills me with a sense of wonder and privilege. 

Leanne joined me at the end of 2012 after I put a call out on Facebook for help.  Leanne shares my passion for people, but she captures their stories through the lens of a camera.  A dedicated amateur photographer, Leanne has a way of capturing a person’s story through the lines on their face, the expression in their eyes, or the language of their stance.

Neither Leanne nor I are paid to produce these words and pictures.  We do it because we love people and we love our arts.  We hope you will share in the love by reading the words, admiring the pictures and letting us know what you think.  We love feedback!

                                Stephanie xx


About Us





 Stephanie Hunt

I am a former marketer and business owner, turned freelance writer.  I moved to Coffs Harbour NSW in 2010 for a sea change and a career change.  Since then I have created, set up a small digital marketing agency and launched myself as a freelance writer.  My passion is writing about people.

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Leanne Cheal

I love my day job as Media and Education Officer for Handybin Waste Services.  But my real passion is my camera – and the faces behind it.  I like nothing better than to capture a look of wonder from a child, the joy of a young bride or just a cheeky grin.  I do some photography work as a sideline – see Real Images – but for the most part I use my camera just for the sheer joy of it.