MIPIK's Weekend of Photography
Fri, June 20, 2014 at 17:17
Stephanie Hunt

At the end of May some of your favourite MIPIK characters convened on a small cottage at the back of Bruxner Park for a weekend long photography shoot.

The reason? … MIPIK is shaping up to publish a book!

Featuring 25 of the 60+ stories that have been published in the last three years, the MIPIK book will go on sale starting in October – and of course it will include all new photographs. 

The wonderful Raymond Mather from Cr8Studios was behind the camera and has produced some exceptional shots (which of course you can’t see until the book is finished).

Leanne Cheal was manning the video camera.  You might wonder why the videos….that’s because we are planning to launch the book with MIPIK LIVE – an exciting live show at the Jetty Theatre complete with live interviews, video and live music. 

All profits from the book and the event will go to the CanDo Cancer Trust.  In case you don’t know: CanDo is an amazing charity that supports local cancer sufferers and their families that find themselves in need of a little help.   We love the idea of local stories helping local people!

SAVE THE DATE – 2 OCTOBER for the live show and your first chance to buy the book. 

I will let you know when tickets go on sale. 

Meanwhile enjoy some snaps of our "interesting" photographic weekend.  And a great big thank you to Raymond Mather and Leanne Cheal for their incredible photographic skills and to Jan and Pete Strom who allowed us to use their brand new cottage as our photographic studio.

Interviewing The Mayor

On Set with Jan Strom (yes, that's my behind) The video crew interview Dennis MeagherKomla Lokpo signs off on the Authority to PublishStephanie and the gorgeous Kuei ManyounMichael Crossland proved an old pro in front of the cameras

Stephanie does an emu dance to the amusement of Jenny Ellis and her grandchildrenReverend Ian Mabey from St John's Anglican Church faces the camerasLeanne gets behind the cameraMarty and Sandy Van Veluwen had us in stitches

Interviewing Julie Jardine from CanDo Cancer Trust (the most interesting woman never to appear in MIPIK)On set with Jenny Ellis and her tireless grandchildren (Leanne tries to take control)

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